Return & Cancellation Policy


  1. Product order cancellation charges are mentioned on the product detail page. Charges are based on per gram of given weight on the product page.
  2. ZEVARWALA may cancel the product order through the Website within 24 (twenty four) hours of ordering the same.
  3. For all cancellations made by the buyer within such stipulated time, ZAVERWALA will refund to the buyer in their bank account.
  4. ZAVERWALA may extend the period of return of the product, at their mutual discretion.
  5. This Cancellation policy shall be applicable only for customers who make an online purchase for the product through the Website.
  6. The timelines provided in this Cancellation policy for ZAVERWALA can be extended without any notice, by mutual agreement.


  1. We don’t have any return policy currently. But if any of the jewellery piece(s) ordered is damaged (during transit) or a wrong design has been shipped, then within one week of delivery time it can be returned for exchange with a new piece of same or higher value. For exchange of damaged piece(s) or wrong shipping issue please contact us immediately at +91-9636653328.